About Us

We specialise in short, bite-sized behavioural change coaching that delivers and embeds the desired change to help organisations work easier and smarter together.

Examples include: 

  • Developing campaigns to reduce the volume of meetings through digital behaviours
  • How to use psychology and technology to help focus on 'deep work.'
  • Using Microsoft Teams and 'team behaviours' to create more effective teams

We all have busy lives so we appreciate that organisations and the people in them may not have time for traditional change or training methods that may take weeks or even months to deliver but achieve little.

Many traditional change management and training programmes fail to reflect the changing nature of the way people work and the impact of digital technologies.

Most change management programmes that purport to change employee behaviour are not about behaviour change at all. Similarly, a set of communication and engagement activities is not a behaviour change programme!

The Cappuccino Club uses a unique blend of technology and psychology to create innovative coaching programmes to ensure new behaviours that embeds change within days, or even in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee (or tea). We achieve this through focusing on behaviours and skills rather than roles and technology.

Our approach uses the existing culture and informal social structures within an organisation to develop bite size learning and understanding which helps to embed new micro behaviours.

In plain English – rather than sheep-dip people through hours of instantly forgettable training, you nudge them with new skills at the point they need them and understand why they need them.Type your paragraph here.

​Helping organisations work smarter in the digital age

The Cappuccino Club