Cappuccino Club


My work is more about psychology than technology. I design and deliver innovative change programmes than focus on behavioural change, not just how technology works. Change design now applies key learnings from neuroscience and behavioural psychology, which makes a tangible difference in effective behaviour change

Conventional Wisdom

  • Business case and clear rationale is sufficient to drive change
  • Tell people what to do, how, and why
  • Create a fixed mindset by focusing on success
  • Create a sense of urgency and fear to get momentum
  • Use a carrot and stick to motivate people

New Wisdom:

  • We need both rational and emotional reasons for change
  • Let people make their own connections
  • Create a growth mindset by focusing on the learnings
  • Create a sense of positivity, optimism, safety and certainty
  • Tap into intrinsic motivation